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Our Strategy - Transportation Analysis

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Learn why JVP Logistics is your best choice for Total Transportation Management.

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Transportation Analysis

It is impossible to create any program without a complete understanding of the requirements…the creation and implementation of a transportation program is no different.

At JVP Logistics we conduct a thorough analysis of your transportation program so we may make educated recommendations to improve your operations.

Our experience lies with companies of a single location to those of multiple divisions and locations.

Commodity Identification. This includes density, value, susceptibility to damage, and the final use of the commodity. We also address issues of packaging, and if and how it may be improved, identification of the product, and loading/unloading procedures, among others.

Vendor Identification is crucial. A knowledge of whom controls the freight routing…you or the vendor. Your vendors' shipping locations and whether they ship in the most cost effective manner.

Customer Identification includes gaining information of your customer base. The locations of your customers…if you have multiple customers in several locations that constantly evolve, or ship to repetitive locations.

Volume Identification. How often you ship, the amount of weight, average number of shipments per month and average weight per shipment. This is some of the information required when addressing volume.

Carrier Identification is identifying how many carriers and which carriers are utilized for both inbound and outbound shipments.

Through the above we are able to compile a great deal of information, that when analyzed provides incite into your company's transportation program.

It is surprising to our clients the inefficiencies we uncover, and the improvements that can be made through our analysis. This is of no surprise to JVP. This is because your area of expertise is with the products you handle, not transportation. Our expertise is transportation, and our obligation is to provide an accurate analysis with solutions to improve the overall transportation program.

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