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Carrier Selection

As we tailor your transportation program, a major consideration is choosing the correct carriers.

Quality of Service. JVP Logistics partners with the best carriers in the industry. We hold contracts with carriers for local, regional and national shipments. Consequently, we have the ability to cover all geographic areas and can customize your program as required.

Service Standards. The carriers we choose must consistently meet their published transit times. A majority of the carriers also offer premium service standards such as guaranteed and expedited shipments.

Technology Resources. A vital part of conducting business today is access to information. Our carriers have a commitment to offering the latest technology to enhance your operations. Services include real time tracking of shipments via the internet, pick up requests via toll free access and the internet and the ability to complete or download shipping forms through the internet. Our clients find that these services greatly compliment their internal planning and scheduling as well as improve customer service functions.

Deregulation of the trucking industry opened up competition, but also opened the door to a number of carriers in bankruptcy. The financial well being of a carrier is a major consideration…especially again as the carriers deal with high fuel costs, maintenance, and labor issues. Many carriers in the past several years have found themselves in bankruptcy. When a carrier files for bankruptcy the shipments in the hand of that carrier are "locked up." Your products risk being liquidated along with the assets of the carrier. We choose carriers that are financially solvent to prevent liquidation of assets and interruption of your supply chain.

We like to think of our partnership as three fold…the customer, the carrier, and JVP Logistics. By forming a partnership there is ownership and commitment in the program, resulting in quality service throughout. The partnership is a mechanism to work with the carrier should an issue arise, whether it be a transit, claims, or other transportation issue.

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