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International Business Products, Inc.

International Business Products, Inc.
Phoenix, Arizona and nationwide

Association of over 150 members. Primary products include copiers, facsimile machines, postage raters, computer equipment and ancillary supplies including paper, toner and printing supplies.


I.B.P.I. is an organization of mostly independent dealers ranging from small to large regional suppliers. Their goal is to produce buying power to purchase goods and services at a lower cost. We were approached by the organization's Executive Director about the possibilities of creating an economy of scale for transportation services. They required carriers dedicated to their high value products that would offer the members fair transportation rates.


We conducted an analysis of the member locations and the vendors used by the dealers. We found that the members utilize many of the same vendors from the same shipping locations. The membership of I.B.P.I. is located in all 50 states, necessitating the need for regional and national carriers. The members also experienced a great deal of damage and claims with their product. This is of concern because the majority of products are of high value.


Carriers were selected that could effectively handle the regional and national shipments. I.B.P.I. members were given individualized attention, resulting in improved service, a decline in damage, and improved freight rates. The membership also took advantage of JVP's pre-audit and freight payment services, further reducing internal costs processing invoices and protecting from freight overcharges.

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